What all do Plumbers do?

It is common knowledge that plumbers fix things such as toilets or install shower heads. However, if you are not a trained plumber yourself, then you will likely be unaware of the training that a qualified plumber undergoes to become a certified plumbing contractor for their specific area, more bonuses?

In order to understand a fuller picture of what a Plumber does, it is fun to put together a short list. Then, try and determine which items are in the repertoire of any plumber.

Some of these things will be apparent to you while others might be hard to discern.

Browse through this list, and try to identify which don’t belong.

Water Heaters

Hot Water Dispensers

Water Filters

Garbage Disposal

Water Conservation Techniques


Gas Lines




Most people reading this list might guess that digging and installing gas lines aren’t plumbers. Even some may not think that sewers belong to a plumber. People tend to think that plumbers are associated with water. Plumbers, they think, are only responsible for the water needs of a house or building.

Plumbing professionals are responsible for each and every component or system that was listed.

Gas lines is a term that refers to the natural gas used as propane in your home for heating, cooking, and fireplaces. A plumber is trained to install, repair, and maintain these systems. This makes them your best choice for propane problems in your home.

If you look at the excavation that is done by a plumber, it’s usually to install water and sewer line leading to and from a new home or building.

Last but not least, any problem with sewers is also given over to plumbers. Even though this does not only involve water, plumbing is integrally connected as it also comes from a bathroom toilet that is also installed.

It is only when you understand the variety of plumbing jobs a professional plumber performs that you can truly appreciate his or her training and abilities. Hiring a qualified plumber will help you to understand the depth of their knowledge and how they can make your home run smoothly.

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