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Magical Maitake Mushroom

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Wow! This is a beautiful mushroom! Maitake is a mushroom that belongs to the medicinal mushroom family. You could call it a champ. Maitake mushroom is a nutritional powerhouse, unlike the common button cap mushroom. Miatakes are packed with protein, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Niacin and Selenium. They have a delicious flavor with a texture that is meaty. The perfect complement to any meal is this mushroom side dish, cooked to perfection. Visit our website and learn more about soulcybin review.

Maitake is a mushroom that originates from the mountains in Japan. The dark, rounded fronds at their edges are what makes them easy to identify. The dark, floppy fronds resemble the tail of a chicken. This is what gives the plant its infamous nicknames: “hens of the woods” and “dancing Butterfly.” Now, Maitake mushrooms can be found growing in temperate northern forests on deciduous hard woods. Maitake mushroom cultivation is now a specialty of many companies. The goal is to retain the rich and nutritious nutritional properties of this legendary mushroom.

It is no surprise that the natural properties found in maitake mushroom are gaining popularity. In other countries, this mushroom is said to be used for tumor suppression, the treatment of high cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure problems, as well immune system stimulation. Maitake’s medicinally active ingredients are present in both the fruit and the mycelium. In the US, due to its medicinal value in other nations, US-based laboratories and speciality producers have specialized in culturing active ingredients found in Maitake mushroom for nutraceutical use. You can buy medicinal extracts made from this mushroom in health food shops and offices that specialize in holistic medicine across the US.

This mushroom is high in Beta 1,3,1,6 Glucans, a specialized molecule. The immune system is thought to be boosted by these naturally occurring and complex molecules. According to research, immune system cells, such as macrophages T-cells and interleukin-1 cells, appear more active and aggressive when Maitake compounds in their oral form are consumed. Research has shown that other naturally occurring chemicals in maitake plants, independent of Beta compounds, may have cancer fighting properties as well.