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Asian Eyelid Surgery, What You Should Know

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To achieve the best possible results from your Asian eyelid procedure, you will want to have your oculoplastic surgery tailored specifically for your face, goals, and needs.

Asian blepharoplasty involves a special type of eyelid surgery to improve Asian individuals’ eyelid shape. Asian blepharoplasty (also known as Asian canthoplasty) and double fold surgery are all different. There isn’t a single standard method. To not recognize that there is such a diversity within the human eye and each individual eyelid, is to be ignorant. If you’re looking for the best eyelid surgery, visit Eyelid Surgery Portland Oregon for more information.

Some people mistakenly believe that Asian double eyelid surgeries are meant to “westernize the eye.” However, that isn’t true. The goal of treatment should be to enhance eyelid structure for aesthetic purposes.

If you want the best outcome, choose a minimally invasive treatment plan. This will preserve as much normal tissue as is possible. With a more controlled but less aggressive procedure, you can achieve the best results and recover faster.

How do I choose the right Asian eyelid Surgeon for me?

It is impossible for the most qualified eye surgeons to say that Asian surgery or any other type of eyelid procedure is identical. Your most qualified plastic surgeon will instead let you know which medical plan best suits your unique facial shape, eyelids, and treatment objectives. Your doctor wants to get you the results that you deserve.

Your doctor needs to have considerable experience in treating different types of problems. Also, look for a doctor that has shown natural results before and after surgeries. Check out these before-and-after photos and make sure your doctor is individualizing each procedure.

You should also ensure that your doctor is experienced in medical eyelid surgeries for conditions including basal carcinoma, ptosis, and eyelid reconstruction. The expert will make sure that the eyelid procedure is in harmony with your facial features.

Asian eyelid surgeries performed by an oculoplastic surgeon who is properly qualified can give you results that enhance your aesthetics while boosting confidence. For Asian blepharoplasty to be successful, you need a specialized treatment plan that is tailored by a cosmetic surgeon experienced in the field of oculofacial surgery.