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Maintenance Tips for Water Heaters

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If it is an best electronic water softeners heater, turn off the power. The cold water line valve must be closed to turn off water supply to the heater. It is located at the top of your water heater. The cold line is always to your right. Turn on the hot water tap in your house. The tap will be able to draw water. The drain valve is located under the water heater. It looks similar to a hosebibb. Allow the water heater to heat up to a gallon. During the heating process, do not let anyone use the hot water heater.

Maintenance Tip #2: Dissolve sediment to remove it

Mag-Erad is a descaler that dissolves sediment. A.O. Smith, who also makes water heaters. Follow the instructions, but don’t forget to turn the gas water heater on. Set the flame to PILOT and turn it off. Heat without water can damage gas heaters. Lye can also be used to dissolve sediment. It is highly flammable, volatile and can cause fires. This chemical should only be used by plumbers.

Maintenance Tip #3: Controlling sediment

Softened water can help keep sediment under control. Salt-softened water doesn’t reduce sediment, it just makes it worse. The life expectancy of anode rods is decreased by 50% to 65%. At 140 degrees, sediment can grow quickly. Legionnaires’ Disease can be grown at temperatures below 115°F. It is best to keep these two problems at bay by setting your water heater at 130°. Legionnaires Disease can be caused by inhaling infected water vapor, rather than from drinking it. To kill any remaining bacteria, the plumbing in hospitals should be refilled with 170-degree water.

You can only check the temperature of the water by filling a cup with hot water and placing a meat thermometer inside. The dial of a gas water heater can be adjusted to get hot water at 130 degrees. Between adjustments to the dial, give the water heater time to recover. It should take at least an hour. Gas water heaters may adjust the size of flames. You can check the control knob’s center to see if there is a small, screw-like button. This button can be used for adjusting the flame size. This button can be used to adjust the heat level if you are having difficulty getting hot water. Install a low-watt density element if you have a sediment issue in your electric water heater. Its name is misleading. Although it isn’t as hot as high-watt density elements, the area of the low-watt element is twice as large and heats as well. Reduced heat reduces sediment production. Install a water heater pressure reduction if you have high water pressure above 50 psi. Sediment buildup is more common when water pressure is high.