Sticker Printing Can Be Used To Promote Your Business In Six Ways

Many companies think stickers are best left in childhood… with all the sticky residues! There are many ways to use stickers for branding and building your business boingboing, even if you have a target market that is older than 12. Stickers “stick” around… but if they are not associated with puns then you can get some really great marketing done for a small price.

1. Kids can get freebies in stores

Only chocolate is a promotional gift that would get kids more excited than stickers. Whichever one lasts the longest is obvious! Stickers will stick to toys, furniture and books. They’ll keep you and your business in the memory of children and parents for years.

2. As in-store promotions for adults

Adults love stickers just as much as children do. They are only more selective about where they place them and prefer something that isn’t obvious. You can create a sticker which helps your customers brand themselves. It makes a statement they want to associate with their personal style. Stickers like this are often displayed prominently. It is vital that you pay attention to the design of your sticker if your goal is to brand yourself.

3. In your direct mail advertising

You can use your stickers as giveaways for entertainment/leisure display in your direct mail advertising, just as you can in-store. Your logo can be printed on ‘functional stickers’ and included in your direct mail. Stickers can also be used as scrapbooking materials or envelope sealers. This gives people a reason for reading your direct mail.

4. As an alternative for coupons

All of us have, at some point or another, displayed a fast food sticker that offered a free upgrade. You can also request that customers put your customized sticker on their loyalty cards, phone cards or credit card to easily access your discounts.

5. Sponsoring sports teams

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to place your stickers on players’ uniforms, your stickers can be placed on their equipment. This will give your company a great deal of exposure. There is plenty of space for stickers on hockey sticks, cricket bats, and helmets. This means you won’t be competing with other companies for attention.

6. The employee car and company vehicle

Why waste this prime space for marketing? You can print larger custom stickers for car doors. Many products are paint-safe. Or, you can place your company stickers at visible places on the windows.

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