Enjoying hobbies with your family is a great way to reconnect

1. Family members are a great resource.

Set up a time for a family get-together (optional; but, it’ll save you oodles of time). Tell your loved ones what’s on your mind and why. Explain to your family that you are trying to reconnect by engaging in fun, family-friendly activities. Permit each family members to speak their mind. Be sure to give everyone time for them to express their true feelings. This is a good time to take it slow. It’s important that everyone takes their time to determine whether or not this would be a good thing for the whole family. Visit hobbies that start with K before reading this.

2. Discuss with your friends and family what hobbies they enjoy.

This is the time to brainstorm some hobby ideas that your family may enjoy. Allow each member to have their opinion. You can make a short list with all your options. Write the name of each family member who has suggested a hobby next to it.

3. Research your list.

You have now completed the list. Now it’s time to enjoy yourself. Many people don’t find research enjoyable, but for those who are looking into fun topics…well…you get the picture. Depending on the length of your list, it could be a long process. Someone should summarize your hobby once you’ve finished the research. If you do this, it will make the process easier. This will help with the next step.

4. Decide what you want to do as a hobby.

This is the place where you will decide what hobby to pursue. There may be a decision made that no one in the family wants to work on the project together or the hobby. You might decide that you all want to pursue different hobbies at the exact same time. If you want to complete a particular project, then it will be important to make it smaller. If you’re unsure, just do whatever your family wants.

5. Schedule your time.

While it might seem odd to some, we find that our hectic daily lives can make it very difficult to commit ourselves fully and start a new project. It’s crucial to start your new hobby by scheduling time. You should be even more careful when using your hobbies to reconnect with the family. If you are setting a schedule for your family, choose an hour that they can all commit to each week. Be sure that you keep this appointment once the schedule is in place. To avoid forgetting this important appointment, mark it on the calendar of your entire family.

6. Grab your tools and supplies.

In your research you will have discovered what type of supplies your family needs for the project or hobby they chose. It’s now time for you to get those supplies. Shopping for hobbies supplies is a great part of any experience. Shopping online or at a hobby shop can be fun for everyone.

7. Click on the Reconnection button.

The time should be exciting for the whole family. A new hobby is beginning. While it might seem exaggerated at first, this could become your most favorite time during the week. This is a chance for you to spend time with your family and just relax. The interaction between family members can be a great way to open new doors.

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